What Size Shirts Should I Order?

Music City Creative Recommendation for size breakdown for T-shirt screen printing orders

When starting to print your own merchandise, knowing how many of each size to order can feel like a gamble. 

Unless you have a pre-order list from everyone who's going to need a shirt, there can be a lot of worry about incorrectly allocating the sizes of your order.  The last thing you want is to run out of some sizes while having leftovers in others.

Not Everyone Is Average

With over 7 years of retail experience, we have accurate data on the most purchased sizes. Using that data, we created the below formula for the most purchased sizes. 

  • S = 12%
  • M = 20%
  • L = 24%
  • XL = 24%
  • XXL = 12%
  • XXXL = 4%

For smaller orders, or orders that don't divide into perfect numbers, we recommend rounding up. 

It's also wise to always order a few extra shirts, just in case they arrive damaged from the manufacturer. We recommend ordering at least 5% more than you think you need.

Know Your Audience

Knowing to whom you are selling is also a key factor.  If you know that your customers are generally larger or smaller-bodied - for example, a ballet troupe as opposed to a rugby team - we can use that information to help you tailor your order to fit your needs. (pun absolutely intended.)

We're Here To Help

At Music City Creative, we pride ourselves on sustainable fashion, that lasts. To get started on your next custom, eco-friendly order, book a meeting with a member of our team here



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