Reproductive Rights Are Human Rights

Three women smile at each other while wearing shirts and hoodies from Music City Creative's Reproductive Rights Collection

We believe that quality reproductive healthcare should be guaranteed to all people, no matter their gender.

We believe that nobody should have to choose between accessing/providing healthcare and breaking the law.

We believe in the bodily autonomy of all sentient beings.  Your body, your choice. Always.

We believe that this is not just a women's issue.  Forced births and the criminalization of abortion services affect everyone.

We believe in putting our money where our mouth is.

50% of the profits from the sale of our Reproductive Rights Collection will be donated to Healthy and Free Tennessee, a local advocacy organization. 

“Healthy and Free Tennessee's work is to grow a movement for reproductive justice across race, class, and gender by bringing new people into the movement, developing skills and capacities, and building connections across organizations and sectors.”

Shop the collection now, and join us in the fight for Reproductive Rights.


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