Happy Earth Day!

Music City Creative Earth Day Tee Smash The Patriarchy Not The Planet

We believe that the products we create should not be at the sacrifice of the environment.  

This ideology feeds into every part of our business.

Most screen printing companies use plastisol ink in their designs. It's made of oil and plastic, requires chemicals to clean up, and isn't eco-friendly. We use water-based ink in all of our designs

“Water-based? Doesn’t that mean it’ll wash off?” I hear you ask. Hell, no! During the drying process, our water-based inks sink into the fabric on which they’re printed, producing a vibrant design that is softer to the touch than plastisol inks.  

As well as being super comfy, all of our fabrics (from tees to totes) are sourced from factories with the highest sustainability standards. We take the time to source fabrics made from USA Cotton, dyed with ecologically safe chemicals, and manufactured in an eco-friendly facility.

Did you know that our mailing bags are compostable? They’re actually made from a combination of a bio-based polymer and plant materials such as wheat straw! Check out our TikTok account to see our mailers in action.

In our retail store we give away a reusable cotton tote with every purchase so as not to use any single-use plastics. Not only is it good for the environment, but it’s super cute too!

We believe it’s more than possible to look good and still show love to this little blue planet we live on.  Shop now and save the world!


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