Water-Based Ink or Plastisol Ink? We Choose the Eco-Friendly Option

Water-Based Ink or Plastisol Ink? We Choose the Eco-Friendly Option

Other screen printing companies use plastisol ink in their designs. It's been around longer and previously was much easier to work with. However, it's made of oil and plastic, require chemicals to clean up, and isn't eco-friendly.

You've probably worn a plastisol ink shirt before. The ink leaves a thick, rough texture even after washing. With continuous wear, it often cracks, leaving the image distorted. At Music City Creative, we pride ourselves on sustainable-fashion that is comfortable and lasts.

We use water-based ink in all of our designs. Water-based ink stays wet on the screen longer, so we can print more shirts using less. Afterward, it rinses safely down the drain - no chemicals required.

Our water-based ink leaves a softer touch print than plastisol inks. After washing one of our products, the texture from the ink virtually disappears. You're left with a soft garment and design that feels like the shirt it's printed on. You won't find rough patches or cracking.

You can feel good about the investment you're making when you pair our water-based ink with our ethically sourced cotton shirts.

To learn more about our sustainable practices, visit our blog, or check our the videos on our TikTok account.


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