The Growth is Unbelievable!

The Growth is Unbelievable!

Can you imagine that Music City Creative is only eight months old?! Our continued growth is something beyond our wildest dreams. For this reason, we've added new faces to the Music City Creative team! Please join us in welcoming the new members of our team: 

Piper, Retail Store Manager - Piper is 23 and a makeup artist originally from Florida. She's been living in Nashville for just over a year with two of her best friends. Piper's hair color changes very often, mainly because she's a Leo, and she lives for the drama.  

Ashley, Print Shop Manager - Ashley is a 25-year-old visual artist who has been in Nashville since 2014. Also known as A-Bomb, she is an athlete with Nashville Roller Derby. Some of her favorite things include ice cream, taxidermy, and Godzilla movies. 

Chad, Sales Associate - Raised on a small dairy farm in Upstate New York, Chad thinks Nashville is a wonderful combination of city and country life. He enjoys hiking Warner Percy Park, traveling to new places, eating at local restaurants, and listening to music. Chad's excited to grow with Music City Creative!

To keep up with our constant demand and our growth, we STILL need more help! We have two more positions to fill: Sales Associate and Screen Printer

At Music City Creative, we believe in offering all of our team members a living wage. Moreover, we pride ourselves on teaching our workers a skill that stays with them beyond their time working with us. Our commitment to a sustainable, hand-print process prevents a machine from replacing someone who's an important member of the Nashville creative community. 

We're seeking excitable, motivated, and diverse candidates for our team. To apply for a position at Music City Creative, please check out our hiring page on Indeed here


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